Moderate Conservatism Is a Declining Force in the Republican Party

Topics: Conservatism, Republican Party, George W. Bush Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Moderate conservatism is a declining force in the Republican Party?

Moderate conservatism has become less prevalent in recent years. This is mainly down to ideological differences between new emerging branches of the Republican Party. For example the rise of the tea party has dramatically moved the republicans to the right with the likes of Sarah Palin leading the way. However Romney has shown that moderate conservatism is still within the Republican Party due to his “flip flopping” nature. The emergence of the tea party has captured the headlines during much of 2009 up to 2012. They have a distinct political identity which separates them from anybody else. For example the tea party believe in fiscal responsibility and free unregulated markets which grants liberty of the individual and economic efficiency. In the 2010 republican senate primaries members of the tea party mounted challenges in a significant number of states and districts. In particular they took aim at people they call RINO’s (republicans in name only). At senate level, tea party candidates defeated more mainstream contenders in Kentucky, Alaska and many more. However what’s more important is the defeat of Mike Castle who was a relative moderate. After November 2010 the tea party had removed many moderates from their seats which left representation for the tea party at 129 in the House of Representatives. Furthermore, the history of the Bush presidency shows that conservative elements are still dominant within the Republican Party. For example Bush’s strong foreign policy indicated that the republicans were still very conservative. After 9/11 Bush became more and more right wing which in his defence is what the public wanted. However the invasion of Iraq in 2003 highlighted that the Republican Party was still very much conservative. Furthermore the tax cuts that Bush made were very much traditionally conservative. For example the economic growth and tax relief reconciliation act of 2003...
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