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AU:African Union
COMESA:Common Market for Eastern and South Africa
ECOWAS:Economic Community of Western African States
EAC:East Africa Community
EU:European Union
ECCAS:Economic Community of Central African States
MAU:Model African Union
OAU:Organization of African Unity
OAS:Organization of American States
SADC:Southern African Development Community
USIU:United States International University
URTNA:Union of African National Radios and Televisions
YALDA:Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa

Dear Esteemed Delegates,
It is with great excitement that I welcome you to the YALDA-MAU Conference 2013. It is my honor to serve as your Chief Conference Director for the YALDA-MAU 2013 Conference. I am currently a junior at the United States International University-Africa pursuing a Bachelors of Science in International Business Administration concentrating in Finance. I currently serve as the Deputy Director of the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa YALDA-USIU chapter. Apart from YALDA, I work at the USIU Research, Grants and Graduate Students Office as a Research Assistant; I enjoy event planning, travelling, making friends, cooking and swimming.

The YALDA-MAU Conference 2013 consists of individuals from diverse multicultural contexts with profound knowledge on their topics thus be prepared to engage in a committee that will challenge your skills in coalition-building and rapid discussion; this conference will be a great opportunity for you to come up with comprehensive resolutions in line with Pan-Africanism.

Glory Blasio Emmanuel
Chief Conference Director,
Inaugural YALDA MAU Conference 2013

Dear Delegates,
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Technical Committee on Economic Matters. I am currently a junior at the United States International University studying International Relations. Ambitious and very interactive, I am well versed in matters concerning the international arena owing to my experience in the Model United Nations programme. I have interests in other fields such as modelling, media and theatre. Apart from that, I enjoy travelling, spending time with family and friends, reading novels, and playing hockey. Outside school, I am a member of the Afri-Lead Alliance which is a volunteer youth led leadership initiative that seeks to nurture young leaders. Delegates, this conference is an exciting opportunity to exchange ideas and create a forum that will enhance negotiation, team player skills as well as interpersonal skills. I hope that you will find fulfilment in the intellectual and scholarly discussions that will ensue and be avid participators in order to make your YALDA MAU experience worthwhile.

Warm regards,
Suzan Wambui Gichuhi,
Conference Director
Technical committee on Economic matters

3.1. Pan-Africanism
Amongst Africans at home and in the Diaspora, there exists a consciousness, which grew out of Africans’ Socio-economic and political conditions. Pan-Africanism assumed ideological status when it forcefully gained global prominence in the mid-20th century. This collective consciousness is what has been commonly referred to as Pan-Africanism. It is a drive, initiated around 1900, to secure independence, equal rights, self-government, and unity for African peoples. Pan-Africanism’s origin cannot be linked to any specific date in history, but its evolution can be traced to an epoch in the history of Africans’ struggle against slavery and quest for restoration of Africans’ socio-cultural and political pride. Solidarity/Revolutionary slogans like “AFRICA FOR AFRICANS”, “DISINTEGRATION”, “RETURN TO AFRICA”, “REPARATION”, “CONSCIENCISM”, “UJAMA” and many others arose from written works of many prominent Pan-Africanists in Diaspora and Africa, like Marcus Garvey, El-hadj Malik Shabbaz (Malcolm x),...
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