Amilca Cabral Event

Topics: Cape Verde, Cape Verdean Creole, Portuguese Guinea Pages: 4 (1469 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Manuel Gomes
Professor H. Hamilton
ENGL 101 T08
“Amilcar Cabral Event running by CVSA”

Everyone has a story to tell about a person who once was a hero. It could be during a war, revolution, independence, or starvation. Cape Verdeans are found throughout many universities and colleges in the US such as Boston College, Boston University, UMass Boston, Suffolk University, Bridgewater State University, UMass Dartmouth, Regis College, Bentley University, and many more. In most of these schools students like me feel comfortable and safe because there are always groups or associations that are willing to help and accommodate students’ needs. For example, I am currently attending Bridgewater State University, and there are a lot students from my home country (Cape Verde) and consequently there is a Cape Verdean Students Association (CVSA). This association allows students to get together and share the culture and historical aspects of the country as well as the beauty of our ten Islands. Here at Bridgewater State University CVSA got together for the first event of the year celebrating our bright leader Amilcar Cabral who was responsible for the independence of Cape Verde. In general the event was good and very informative. There was music, food, a band, speakers, singers, and more. I still remember the round table with families and friends, which was good because it let people chat for a little instead of just sitting in there and listening to the speakers. Now I will be talking about the parts of the events and my thoughts of it. The event begins with a brief introduction by the Cape Verdean Student Association president Maria Dasilva. She told everyone the reason why we were there, which was to celebrate Amilca Cabral, and she continued introducing the board members’ names and their positions. She says thank you to everyone who support CVSA such as Bridgewater Admission, LSL, families and friends, Restaurant...
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