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Module 1 SLP

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Dr. Tom G. Javarinis

October 20, 2014

The Potato Chips
According to how products are made. The potato chip became both a national and international sensation when a customer sitting in a restaurant called Moon’s Lake House located in Saratoga Spring, New York. Complained about his french fried potatoes being too thick and sent them back to the kitchen for redoing. The Chef working in the kitchen at that time was George Crum who thought the customer french fried potatoes was cooked perfectly out of spike shaved them paper thinner and sent them back to be served to the complaining customer. The once displeasing customer and his attending parties of associates dining at the restaurant, loved them, which was the beginning of what we call the potato chip. Manufacturing Software Shortly after Chef George Crum sardonically behavior, which was played a key role in creating the potato chip, so he thought, word began to spread throughout the local population surrounding Saratoga Spring, New York and how good his thin cut potato chip were; folks just loved them. Chef Crum soon opened his own restaurant and due to the overwhelmed host of folks wanting to eat at his restaurant Chef Crum had to establish a policy for not taking any reservations. However, it didn’t keep customers for forming long standing lines, just to take his potato chips. In January 1915, Van de Camp’s Saratoga Chips opened in Los Angeles, California. Manufacturing Software The first packaging and selling of potato chips begun in 1921, a Grocer by the name of Earl Wise, purchased an overstock of potatoes and had to get rid of them or they would be vulnerable to the everyday climate exposure and will be ruined. So, with his overstock of potatoes he decided to slice them with a cabbage cutter and then fried them using his mother’s and put them in brown paper bags for sales. The introduction of the potatoes chips in a bag theory. Entrepreneurs of the potatoes chips, begun making potatoes chips from their own kitchens and shipped them to stores and restaurants for sales. The demands for the potatoes chips were high back then and today it still is. In 1942, the U.S. government declared potatoes chips as an essential food. I’ve chose the Lays company. A snack food business, based in Dorset, Ohio was owned by a salesman by the name of Herman Lay. He later brought a potato chip factory out of Atlanta, Georgia calling it H.W. Lay Lingo & Company. In 1944, the Lay’s Lay Lingo Company, in which it call itself during this time, became the only snack food manufactory, in which Mr. Lays seek out to purchase television commercials and one of his first than celebrity was Bert Lahr. Bert Lahr, was an Actor and comedian and one role you may know him from, is the role he played in and the legendary “The Wizard of Oz”, as the cowardly lion. Soon many more celebrity endorsers followed, in which marketing strategies lead to winning over the hearts of the potatoes chips lovers internationally. Mr. Lays, also introduce the world best known slogan “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One”. Frito-Lay merged with the Pepsi-Company and formed the PepsiCo, Inc., in 1965. Introducing the barbecue version of the chips, sold in stores across the nation. In 9991, the PepsiCo Company introduce a new formula of the potato chip, which was crisper a stayed fresher longer potato chip, the “Wavy Lays”. In the 1990s, Lay's again cooked up a new formula and rebranded it barbecue potato chip as "K.C. Masterpiece,” which came in a lower calorie flavors. Today, the potato chip is America number one comfort food and is loved by our international counter parts as well. Raw materials for making the Potato Chips, again, started with Mr. Wise and his old potatoes. Today, the potato chip is made with fresh potatoes delivered to...

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