Mobile Phone and Ergonomically Better-designed Gadgets

Topics: Mobile phone, Laptop, IPhone Pages: 4 (1365 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Asalamualaikum and good morning for my teacher and fellow friend . today I want to discuss about the GADGET. Today, everyone have a gadget . the age are not matter to have the gadget. More surprising , a children also have the gadget such a tablet. Some parents teach their toddlers to use tablet for learning in young time. It is currently is very advanced. Everyone , what the meaning of gadget ? A gadget is a device or appliance having a unique purpose and function. At the time of invention, a gadget is often way ahead of its peers in terms of novelty and uniqueness. This is what makes them, so desirable and 'cool'! The top ten gadgets that changed the world are debatable. Nevertheless, popular choices would be the television, telephone, camera, movie camera, microwave oven, video cassette player and recorder, video gaming consoles, Walkman, personal computer or PC and the first cell. The latest gadgets include superior versions of DVDs, smart phones, camcorders, laptops, iPods, iPhones, the Blackberry, PCs, computer notebooks, pedometers and other. That modern gadgets have changed the world, is a gross understatement. No one wants to go back to the days of no television, no washing machines and certainly, no cell phone. Hi-tech gadgets are proliferating by the dozen, as companies vie with each other to catch the eyes of gadget freaks or just time-pinched consumers. Okey ! the gadget have the advantages and disadvantages.

1. A faster way to search for information (via the Internet) 2. Sometimes a more effective way of learning. (via educational computer programs) 3. Prepares students for the globalized world where computer-literacy is a must. 4. Easier way of communication.

5. Helps students if they have difficulties (homework helpers, etc. ) 6. More accessible.
7. Gives students recreation.
8. A larger information source.
9.Dealing with things has become easier.
10.The world is within your hands.
11.You can achieve almost anything with...
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