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What is microenvironment? A microenvironment is force particles that help an organization to serve the customers with its capability. Those particles which will be including under consideration are the consumer market, competitors, market channel firms, etc. The microenvironment of airway industries is like a web construction of related industries and parties. The figure 3.1 indicates that suppliers, company, competitors, marketing intermediaries, customers and public are constituted as an organization. The article shows that the main subject is about the arrival of airbus 380 (the giant of the skies) and about its supplies to the organization. After the arrival of airbus 380, the airways such as Emirates, especially Qantas which is one of the biggest customers of Boeing airbus industry, Malaysia Airlines, Etihad Airways and Singapore Airways have started to replace their airbuses with airbus 380

(The giant of the skies). (p.117-119, Principles of Marketing).

However, there are some outside competitors like budget airlines such as Tiger airways, Air AsiaX etc. Those kinds of budget airways focus on providing cheaper price than other airway industries. These airways are also forming an organization like others. Most of the budget airlines are using Boeing 747 which is the biggest airbus competitor with the new comer airbus 380. So, the different airlines must be strong enough to face the industries’ challenges. . (p.117-119, Principles of Marketing).

Airbus 380 has started its challenge to the industry with its new functions and new facilities. The new airbus 380 is powered with four Rolls-Royce Trent engines. (p.117-119, Principles of Marketing). It is known to be cleaner, greener, quieter and smarter. It generates 50 per cent less noise while taking off and three to four times while landing. (A380 family, unrivalled efficiency, available on It provides extra seat capacity to fewer the take-off shots. So that it creates savings while maintaining the passenger capacity. 20 per cent of the weekly capacity is demanded without losing extra cost. (A380 family, Higher Profitability, available on It can run the similar mileage compared with the first time flight to London from New Year by Boeing 747. It also provides efficient space for a customer for satisfactory while travelling. Now, 87 centimetres for the personal space in business class is known to be the largest space ever. Though the economy class gives greater width, extra leg and knee room, the price or fare is the same with Boeing 747. Not only that, but also providing front-mounted footrests, adjustable leather headrests, coat hooks, adjustable personal reading lights, and in-seat power supply, USB port and larger (27-centimetre) back-of-seat LCD monitors. (p.117-119, Principles of Marketing). The challenge of airbus 380 has started.

Of course, it is an airway, so the consumers will only be the travellers. The types of travellers may differ. Some may prefer more satisfaction and quality while others prefer the price to be cheaper as well as safe. Most of the long way travellers (e.g. from Singapore to Australia, Singapore to America, etc.), may seek for satisfaction and comfortably, safely landed to their destinations. Sometimes brand is also a majority for people in real life. What is brand? A brand is defined as a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers. (Lake Laura, What is branding and how important is it to your marketing strategy, 2003, available on http://marketing.about.comcs/brandmktg/a/whatisbranding.htm). So people may intend to look for a good brand. A good brand includes delivers the message...
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