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Topics: Environment, Brewing, Natural environment Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: December 7, 2012
NBB has found success from being a mission and value oriented company. The husband and wife team penned the company’s core mission and values to include being focused on care for the environment, employees and customers. Companies should have clear and defined explanations of its mission and values as they determine the culture and the overall success of the company’s future (Lencioni, 2002). All employees of NBB are knowledgeable of the company’s values and beliefs and understand how they deliver the message of what the company stands for. By being environmentally responsible, NBB exhibits its dedication to honoring nature by reducing the carbon footprint by decreasing emission gases during the processing of beer. They are making efforts to decrease its use of energy, by using majority of renewable sources to power the brewery. In efforts to stay committed to the founding principles of the company, NBB offers employees ownership in the company, a fun filled work environment and a commitment to researching and bettering its products. NBB has been a success coming from a basement operation to a national producer of beers and ales. While the company has seen success based on its strengths, there are aspects of its marketing plan that create weaknesses in enhancing the brand. Presently the company markets to an age group of 25-44, which currently limits the target audience. It is more beneficial in the long run for the company to be less restrictive of its target audience; by setting the age at 44 it essentially rejects everyone else. It is better to show customers that all are included than showing exclusion to whom the product is marketed to (Romaniuk, 2012).
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