Mississippi State Senator Chris Massey: An Interview on Federalism

Topics: U.S. state, Federal government of the United States, Federal government Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: March 7, 2012
After careful consideration, I have selected Mississippi State Senator Chris Massey (R-Hernando) to interview about the topic of federalism. Senator Massey is a first term state senator from the first district. The first district is made up the entire city of Hernando. Senator Massey is self-described “new to politics”. He has served in the past has president of the Mississippi association of builders. He is a builder by profession and resides in northern Hernando. Senator Massey stated the most important reason why he decided to involved in politics was education. Senator Massey made education the main focus of his campaign against former State Senator Doug Davis (R-Hernando) and loves to talk about it. I selected Senator Massey because he a local leader in my hometown and due to his concentration on education would make a good candidate for the subject of this interview.

I had the opportunity to ask Senator Massey the series of question that were prepared by Dr. King for this assignment. This is a representation of Senator Massey’s responses to those series of questions. The relationship between different levels of government should a like a good business partnership. If one side takes care of their end of the partnership and does not overstep their authority, the business (government) will work perfectly. The problem is finding that balance. Senator Massey’s general thoughts on the topic of federalism were similar to what one might expect from any southern republican. Senator Massey believes that the federal government is too big and needs cut back. Senator Massey did believe the federal government could provide a bigger influence on the issue of immigration. Senator Massey would be for some type of federal immigration law similar to the one in Arizona. Senator Massey believes the federal government plays too large of a role in building regulation. Senator Massey has a lot of experience in the field of building and feels that a lot of wasted money is spent...
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