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Scene And Setting In ‘The Kite Runner’ In the novel ‘The Kite Runner’ the author employs scene and setting to enhance the narrative throughout the novel. We see changes in setting throughout the book from countries to remote landscapes, however within these larger changes there are smaller ones that we can identify to have a significance on key events.

The first key event I will discuss is the rescue of Sohrab from Assef’s house. This is a pivotal moment in the novel as it could be described as the moment of redemption for all the regret Amir has felt in his life after the incident when he was young. Setting has a large part to play in this event and is key towards the reader’s perception of it. From the outset, we get the impression that this house is almost like the fort of a king. ‘He parked in the shadows of Willow trees that spilled over the walls of the compound’. The reader is lead into a false sense of security with the willow tree portraying and image of calmness. ‘Walked to the tall, wooden front gates of the house.’ This description of the compound is very daunting and instantaneously shows signs of authority. We then get our first sense of fear in this scene. ‘A pair of men toting Kalashnikovs answered the door.’ This causes us to feel slightly uneased by that fact that Amir is taking us into this situation with him. This introduction to the scene gives us a sense of a lonely, cold environment that Sohrab is in, allowing fear for him to creep in to the reader. We then get a vivid description of the dance Sohrab performs for the men which enhances the ill thought of the young boy being treated as a sex slave and that in this environment he has no one to protect him. ‘One of the guards pressed a button and pushtu music filled the room…Sohrab raised his arms and turned slowly…spun gracefully…head swung from side to side like a pendulum.’ The author is creating imagery for the reader, which is powerful when relating it to the...
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