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How does Shakespeare present Othello’s disturbed mind in Act 3, Scene 3?

At the beginning of the play, Othello is a respected noble figure, he clearly shows his love for Desdemona and takes his job seriously. “Keep up your bright swords...” this quote shows how Othello started off as a strong and calm character.

Throughout act one, two and most of three, Othello is the same calm, strong character who is in love with his wife. In Act 3, Scene 3 is where everything changes, Othello goes from being a noble figure to a disturbed murderer, Iago is to blame for this. Iago pushed Othello to turn his feelings into jealousy and anger, this lead to him wanting to kill his wife and Cassio. Othello also says that when he stops loving Desdemona, there will be ‘chaos’, by the end of this scene he is already plotting her death.

When Othello started thinking about Desdemona’s death, although this shows he has a disturbing mind, he was thinking to poison her, this is not much of a violent though, but then Iago, who is the most disturbed character in the who play, decides to tell Othello that he should strangle Desdemona on her bed, this is again proving that Iago is advancing Othello’s disturbed mind.

Othello also starts to use animal imagery in his speech, he says things such as “...as if there were some monster in his thought”, “exchange me for a goat” and “I’d rather be a toad!” All of these are meant to show that Othello hates the idea of being jealous and his wife sleeping with someone else, this shows us that he still loves Desdemona at this point. This could also be showing us how Othello is becoming more and more like Iago, Iago uses a lot of animal imagery in his disturbed mind, now Othello is starting to use it, showing that Iago’s plan is working and Iago is gaining more power over Othello.

When Othello has so much anger that he stutters in his speech, the only words he can get out are related to disturbing images. “blood” is the main word he...
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