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The Seven Commandments may be said to be the key to an understanding of Animal Farm. Discuss this statement, relating your answer to the changes in the commandments and to the situation on the farm. In your answer you could consider some or all of the following aspects. * The importance and content of the Seven Commandments

* The changes that take place over time
* How the commandments are accepted by the animals
* The final result: the venture on Animal Farm has failed Here is the basis for answering this essay. Use the following as a guideline. * The Seven Commandments form the basis of the new venture * They become a kind of constitution for the new order

* The philosophical basis of the commandments is different from the understanding that existed on the farm in Jones’s time – and so the animals value them, and refer to them when new situations present themselves. * The commandments are born out of a need to defy Jones and his regime on the farm. * They become crystalised in the litany: Four legs good, two legs bad” which the sheep constantly bleat. This eventually becomes “fur legs good, two legs better” * But as changes are made these are presented to the animals linking back to the menace of those times: killing other animals is justified if they have supposed links with Snowball who is linked to Mr Jones during the Battle of the Cowshed * The disintegration of the ideals of Animal Farm can be traced through the adaptation of the Seven Commandments * The final adaptation of “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others” is a clear indication that Animalism has been replaced by Humanism and the exciting venture has failed * The commandments may themselves have been the problem on Animal Farm I that they were very dogmatic in their structure
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