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By ZeeeZethu May 07, 2013 385 Words
SOCL 2012/SOCL 2015: Second Quarter 2013: Term Assignment

Assignment is worth 16% of the final course mark.

There are four parts to this question. In total you should write a maximum of 2,000 words, excluding your reference list. The value of each of the question’s sections is indicated out of 100.

Hand in date: Wednesday 8th May 2013. (A pigeon hole(s) opposite CB 252 will be allocated for your scripts). Penalties for late submission: 10% deducted from the awarded mark for each day or part day delay.

The Assignment

1. Summarise the Symbol Interactionalist approach to human interaction and society (15 marks).

2. Describe a social interaction that you have recently observed that involves a ‘front stage performance’ (Goffman). This can be any situation except a Wits lecture theatre, or an actual, staged, dramatic performance. The event that you describe may last only a few minutes or can be longer if you think it is appropriate. Most importantly it should allow you to answer parts 3 and 4 of the question. Use no more than 500 words for this section. You can additionally use diagrams and/or photographs. This description should include:

* The physical setting
* The people present
* Any necessary context to the scene (e.g. background and reason for the event) * A description of what happened.

(20 marks)

3. Use Goffman’s dramaturgical representation of social interaction to analysis the scene (1,000 words max). Your analysis should refer to the following components of Goffman’s theory:

* Front stage performance
* Back stage space (this may not be directly reported in your scene, but if not you should suggest how back stage interaction may differ from the front stage interaction you have reported on). * Presentation of self

* Social competence
* Props
* Teams

(50 marks)

4. Suggest one way, other than dramaturgical, in which the scene you have described could be sociologically analysed or explained. Briefly explain one thing that is illustrated or shown by this non-dramaturgical analysis of the scene you have described (15 marks).

A suggestion: If you choose regular event, e.g. church service, when answering Question 2, avoid providing only a generic description of what happens at these events. Rather, in additional to a brief description of the overall event, focus on one particular event or incident that you observed.

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