Topics: Problem solving, Project management, Team Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Ajax Project

1. How effective has Tran been as a project manager? Explain Tran was very effective in many parts of the project in order to complete it. He had a positive attitude throughout the project which encouraged his team to inherit a positive synergy. In order to encourage team work and to create a shared vision amongst the project team, Trans two day trip encouraged the team to put their differences aside and work towards a common purpose in order to create a high performing team. Tran was an effective project manager because he conducted project meetings at the start of each day to boost the energy and confidence of the team, in which I believe, was effective. Tran also invested a lot of time with his team helping to solve problems which I believe was a good way to establish a relationship.

2. What problems does Tran face?
At the beginning there were many problems with the project. First problem was the technical risks inherent in the project, meaning that the project was only practised in the laboratory and he believed that it could have been difficult to change the theory to into practical. Second problem he faced was with the team. The team was split in the middle between hardware and electrical engineers. Third problem was the difference in the salary between both teams. Electrical engineers were at premium, and the hardware engineers resented the new hires’ salary package which was unfair.

3. How would you go about solving them? Why?
I believe that before attempting any project, an in-depth analysis of the project risks is important. If the risk of a project is too high, then it is likely that I wouldn’t attempt it because it means that goals will not be succeeded. Trans was very aware of the risks but yet he continued. Apart from a wonderful 2 day trip which successfully brought the team together, for the future I would place those with the same objectives, perspectives and goals to work together on a project because it...
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