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Chapter 2 Case Study

Topics: Success, Failure, Hotel, Mistake, Error / Pages: 2 (528 words) / Published: Aug 2nd, 2015
Carly Penna
MBA 584
January 28, 2015

Case Study: Troubleshooting Information Systems at the Royal Hotel

1. Despite having relatively little specific information about why the system failed, what do you think are the main reasons for such failure?
A: There are 2 main reasons why this project failed. The first is the disconnect in proper contact and follow-up between the heads of the project, Blake and Jack. Second, the project was not rolled out in a way that made employees of the Royal Hotel realize the opportunity it provided. Both of these issues stem from problems with communication. 2. How could you fix these problems?
A: Blake, while he was smart to take on the newer, larger project, should have been more aware of the situation he was leaving at the hotel. He had feelings of uncertainty about Jack so he should have continued to check in with both him and the general manager. If he would have kept in contact with them throughout the roll out he could have been made aware of issues as they arose instead of after the project ultimately failed. Jack should have also reached out to Blake when he came across issues, this would have prompted Blake to help. Also, if Blake had attempted to check in with the GM he would have been able to hear of his concerns earlier and could have possible helped Jack get them resolved.
In order for the project to succeed, all of the employees at the Royal Hotel needed to be invested in the process. The GM needed to better communicate the importance of the success of this project. He needed to make sure that all employees were aware that this new process was vital to the growth and success of everyone. If he had taken more initiative and lead by example, his employees would have seen how important it was for the project to succeed. Leadership from the top down is very important when implementing new systems.

3. Reflecting on this experience, what do you think were the main mistakes, if any, that Blake made in handling the engagement?
A: One of Blake’s mistakes was his lack of continued communication with Jack and the GM at the Royal Hotel. Another mistake was not taking the time to properly train Jack before leaving for his new project. If he would have asked to take some more time before leaving in order to get Jack up to speed on the track of the project, I think the project would have ultimately been more successful. In order for him to succeed in his career, Blake needs to be able to manage others; he failed to properly manage Jack’s transition into the lead role on the Royal Hotel project. If he would have take him under his wing and explained the importance of the project to Jack, he might have better understood what was necessary for its success. He could have also clued him in on the GM, his wants, and personality. If he would have asked for time to help Jack convert into his new role, I think the project might have turned out differently.

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