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Information systems are the software and hardware systems that support data-intensive applications. An information system is a collection of methods, practices, algorithms and methodologies that transforms data into information and knowledge desired by and useful for the individual and the group users in organizations and other entities. This system can involve a combination of work practices, information, people and technologies organized to accomplish goals in an organization. All businesses today utilize some form of a technological information system in their company. Using an automated system to record and process business transactions is essential to running a profitable company and responding to market fluctuations. However, information systems are best for just collecting and reporting company information; management must still review and use the information for achieving company goals. As information systems have enabled more diverse human activities, they have exerted a profound influence over society. These systems have quickened the pace of daily activities, affected the structure and mix of organizations, changed the type of products bought, and influenced the nature of work. Information and knowledge have become vital economic resources. Yet, along with opportunities, the dependence on information systems has brought new threats. Intensive industry innovation and academic research continually develop new opportunities while aiming to contain the threats.

A management information system (MIS) is set of internal controls that aid company management in running a business on a daily basis. The MIS is not just a computer information system that gathers information, but an overall decision-making tool used by management. The information reported by the MIS will help management find areas that need improvement in their company. How this information is used to correct business operations relies on the style of management used in a business. Using a de-centralized management style allows for corrections to be made by the front-line manager; this allows for a great deal of autonomy in management positions. Centralized management styles rely on top-level managers to correct business operations.


Information systems are electronic databases that manage large amounts of information, often for a business or large organization. You might not initially associate information systems with libraries, as libraries at first glance seem like buildings filled with paper books. However, many libraries use information systems to help them complete various tasks. There are a few key advantages for libraries that use information systems.

Keeping Stock
One of the challenges for any library, especially large ones, is keeping track of all the books, CDs, DVDs, maps and other materials. Information systems can be used to put an indentifying code on each material that allows a librarian to look up where a material is, who took it out, and when. If a book is missing, the information system can help the librarians find it. Building a Collection

Whenever a librarian is choosing which materials to buy to add to the library's collection, he must research what, if any, similar materials already exist. Information systems allow librarians to access easily information about what materials the library already owns on a particular subject or time period. This expedites the purchasing process. Customer Service

oA library can use information systems to make it easier for customers to offer comments on how the library can change or improve. Customers can send an email or fill out an online form and an information system can collect all the comments and send them to the right person. This not only helps keep track of customer opinions, it also allows the...
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