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Topics: Novel, North America, Romance novels Pages: 4 (745 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Harlequin’s leading position as the world’s largest romance publisher is unbeatable. MIRA, Harlequin’s proposed single-title program would focus exclusively on women’s fiction. MIRA’s launch would provide the opportunity to continue Harlequin’s history of strong revenue growth.

* The author’s reputation, the subject matter, the publisher’s decision, insiders’ judgment * If the publisher failed to sell enough books, the losses could be substantial * Orders/sales were not as predictable

* Women’s fiction share was just above 5% in North American

Target Market and Products:
* Over 100 international markets, more than 23 languages, 20 million readers in North America and 50 million readers around the world * 41-year-old, married, well educated and working outside the home. * Relaxation and escape books

* Harlequin: sexy, sassy, and seductive vs. Silhouette Romance: traditional values. * The average retail price of a series novel was $2.60 less than typical single-title novel, and much less than the hardcover titles by best-selling authors. * Guidelines, a consistent finished product, uniformity, standard size and format * Did not generate “best-sellers”

* Order regulation and returns could be more easily optimized to maximize the contribution to profits * Focus on women’s fiction

SWOT Analysis:
Strengths (series)
* The dominant and profitable producer of series romance novels * A packaged, consumer-good strategy: delivering the expected benefit to the consumer. Win “romance war”, maintain revenue even when the series market slowed * Readers are brand loyal

* TV ad, leading women’s magazines
* Lower cost
* Book club (6/10 sold, half price)

* Series products were 55% of bookstores
* World-Wide Library did not meet the desires of authors: a romance program, a women’s fiction program, or a general fiction program – No market target

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