Minolta Camera Case

Topics: Camera, Single-lens reflex camera, Movie camera Pages: 1 (639 words) Published: January 28, 2015
Minolta Camera Case
Founded in 1928 by Mr. Kazua Tashima Minolta cameras has now become one of the largest camera makers in the world having the largest amount of sales in 1970. Minolta Camera Corporation was a manufacturer of still and movie cameras, lenses and camera accessories. With their cameras and lenses covering 82% of all sales Minolta was very concerned in how these cameras were sold. Mr. Nakamura, the manager of the Minolta International Division, was in charge of looking after all business related issues. Mr. Nakamura was delightful to see that Minolta was doing so well in all of its domestic and international markets but was not so pleased when he began to receive letters from distributors in different countries that the supply chain of the company was failing. Mr. Nakamura had just recently received a letter from a major distributor in Germany, sent by Mr. Wilfried Reuter that sizeable quantities of Minolta cameras had been being sold throughout the country at a discounted rate that nobody could compete with. The attention was drawn immediately by the entire Minolta board that the root of the problem had to be established and an idea for resolution had to be brought up soon. Minolta Cameras was then pointed to the fact that shipments from Hong Kong or Japan had made their way through to different European countries in a legal way and were being sold at cheaper rates. Mr. Nakamura then stated that he believed the origin of the problem started when Minolta cameras were shipped to its major distributor in Hong Kong which was Goddard & Co, Ltd whom was owned by Mr. George Ho, a longtime friend of Mr. Tashima. Mr. Ho represented a strong business man with many connections and Minolta was not happy that his company was one of the roots of the whole problem. After many years in business with Goddard & Co, Ltd. Minolta was familiar with the way the company disturbed Minoltas products. With Goddard having 2 associates that looked...
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