Mini Proposal

Topics: Tourism, Anguilla, Island Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Mini Proposal
a) Concept
Our magazine is a travelling magazine. We are going to focus mainly on travelling. We provide the latest and most trendy information about the travelling experience to the islands in the world to the readers. The main theme for our magazine in this month will be top 5 beautiful islands. We will introduce the islands that has been voted and suggested by the travellers. Besides, we will also tell the readers where the island is more suitable to travelling. The interest part of magazine will cover not only the information about the islands but also the fares and tips for the readers who intend to travel. We also introduce the events which going to be in the islands that suit for the travellers. Moreover, the island that we suggested in our magazine can hold wedding, honeymoon or even family and couple travel. The publication of our magazine will be monthly. b) Price

The prices of the magazine will cost RM4.00 for West Malaysia and RM5.00 for East Malaysia. c) Editorial content
In the magazine, we will provide our readers with high quality photography, information about the fare of accommodation, transport fees, price list of activities in the island, delicious food at the island.

The first place we introduce in magazine for travelling is the island of Bali. It located in the Asia Pacific, which is an exotic oriental destination in Indonesia. The level of customer service on the island of Bali is astounding and travelers will never feel out of place as the locals bend over backward to help them get acclimatized to the atmosphere. It is here that they will find themselves immersed in authentic Indonesian culture, dance, and food. Relax on the beach by day, explore the bustling nightlife, and then find comfort in some of the world’s finest villas and hotels. Experience ultimate relaxation while enjoying the authentic Indonesian spirit and drinking in the fantastic scenery. You won’t want to go home.

The second place is Boracay. It...
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