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Recently in Hanoi, Vietnam Environment Administration held the seminar "Get comments on draft No.0" of the National Environmental Report National State of Environmental Report 2012 with the subject which called "continental surface water Environment". Deputy General Director Hoang Duong Tung attended and chaired the conference. Attending the conference also included deputation that were experts representing the subordinate units of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, ... some Branches of environmental protection, Centre for Environmental Monitoring of the Northern province.

According to the Law on Environmental Protection 2005, the Ministry of Natural Resources shall be responsible for building thematic report about enviroment to submit to the Parliament. In 2012, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Vietnam Environment Administration presided to build thematic report on "Environment continental surface water."

the conference aim to get ideas of experts to complete the draft 0, gradually completeness a general reflectional picture of the status quo, continental surface water status so that we can evaluate and analyze the causes, effects which impact to surface water environment, the shortcomings in the management of water resources; predict trend about surface water environmental status in the future and propose solutions to solve the water environmental issues effectively.

In his opening speech at the conference, Deputy General Director of Hoang Duong Tung said the National Environmental Report is an important report, including information and data on the environmental assessment of Vietnam in sectors, having practical value in reference and research, being a basis/base for National Environment Strategy in the next period, being basis to the Government develop Social & Economic Development Strategies

Deputy General

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