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Can Minecraft be Educational in the school?
Minecraft is a game can players build, So its depend largely on the design of house, farms, furniture, cave etc., Therefore mainecraft is a game that focuses creativity when players and allow them to build constructions variety of using cubes with paintings and much colors in the three-dimensional world. Though that is a game but it is also an educational and interested in shapes, engineering and how to build. And it is teaching the person strategies that help to build and develop the skills of brain to thinking. I am going to explain more about this game in this essay. First, it is important to use gaming as a source of learning like any game. And one of them that I will talk about it is minecraft. Otherwise it is a strategy game which will help gamers to think and create. Also we can use it in education. On the other hand minecraft have an effective skill, nevertheless of being just a means of entertainment. Some people have called this type of educational games and entertaining games because it combines education and entertainment. It's helping to share the information between gamers. Because the gamer can chat with other people for example my kids always contact with Neighbor friend. So I see what they are talking about and they Discusses about what they are going to build and what will be the next mission. The kids use more than one skill like analysis and reflection. Second, playing is an important. The games help to break the boredom and isolation among some student. Because a lot of students feel bored of  the way of teaching.  Besides, if we have introduced techniques game in the education we will pay to give many talents. And do not forget that games also help increase participation. Next the game is making to communicate and share between students. This helps to increase the knowledge and learning and exploration develop with each student. Finally, Many of these games, have good steps in the development...
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