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History of Milo
Introduction to Milo
Milo is a milk beverage with chocolate and malt, produced by Nestlé and originating from Australia. It was developed by Thomas Mayne in 1934. Milo is also manufactured in other countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Syria and Taiwan. The name derives from the famous Greek athlete Milo of Crotona, after his legendary strength.

Milo is added to hot or cold milk to give it a malted chocolate flavor and extra texture. When combined with cold milk, it retains the gritty texture of its raw state. Milo can be stirred into steamed milk or hot water to create something similar to hot chocolate or cocoa. Sugar can be added to the Milo beverage, but many people enjoy it without the addition of sweeteners, appreciating it for its subtle chocolate flavor. Another possible use is making a normal cup of cold Milo and microwaving it for approximately 40–60seconds. This gives the Milo drink a biscuit cover on top. Another popular use is to sprinkle it on ice cream, especially vanilla ice cream. Milo can also be sprinkled on breakfast cereals. Milo is often the flavored beverage for the Tim Tam Slam.

Also very popular is the "Magic Milo" which involves adding Milo to a small amount of milk with sugar and whipping it to increase the amount of air in the milk, thereby doubling it in size. Then one adds small amounts of hot water and milk in layers stirring each new layer vigorously to maintain its lightness. A final layer of whipped cream topped with extra Milo or chocolate sprinkles. This is more of a 'warm' beverage rather than a 'hot' one and is a more popular version of hot Milo for children.

Milo manufactured outside Australia is customized for local methods of preparation. In Ghana, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia, it is mixed with hot or cold water instead of milk, with the instructions "Add milk and sugar if desired."

Other countries the packaging is green and has people playing sports on the tin. There is an organization called "Milo Cricket" which operates in most areas by volunteers, children participating are given small packets of Milo to eat or drink. The commercials and taglines are "Go and go and go with Milo" and a popular commercial is a generations of women on a skipping rope singing "and my mom gave me Milo to go and go and go" and the line "I need my Milo Today", because it has a low glycemicindex. The packaging of Milo tins in Singapore is also green and also has people playing sports on the tins.

Milo is very popular in Philippines and Malaysia, where the brand name is synonymous with chocolate flavored drinks: Milo has a 70% market share in Philippines (not the often quoted 90% worldwide share of Milo consumption), Malaysians were said to be the world’s largest consumers of Milo. This is because Milo was once used as a nutrient supplement when it was first introduced in the country, and has thus gained a reputation as a 'must have' drink for the old and the younger generations. Milo manufactured in Malaysia is made to dissolve well in hot water to produce a smooth hot chocolate drink, or with ice added for a cold drink. Milo in Malaysia is served in kopitiams and mamakstalls offering versions such as "Milo Dinosaur" (a cup of Milo with an extra spoonful of powdered undisclosed Milo added to it), "Milo Godzilla" (a cup of Milo with ice cream and/or topped with whipped cream) and "Neslo" (combined with Nescafe powdered coffee). It gained popularity in Singapore soon after.

Brand Name

MILO was developed in the 1930s during the depression when many...
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