Million Dollar Baby

Topics: Environment Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Looking at the broad areas of work that interest you is an important first step when planning your career or thinking of making changes to it. Take these interests into account when considering jobs, study or leisure activities. If you are able to find an environment that suits your interests, you are likely to be happier in what you do.

Complete the worksheet below and print it out to help you plan your career.

1. Here’s a list of some different career interest areas. Read each description and consider how much it sounds like you. Rank each from 1-7 with 1 being most of interest to you and 7 least.

|Interest |Description |Rank | |Business |You like meeting people, talking, discussing and leading others. |1 | |Outdoor |You like to work and move about outside. You may enjoy physical exercise and|5 | | |care about animals and the environment. | | |Creative |You like expressing yourself freely and dealing with ideas. You like to |6 | | |design and create things. | | |Office |You like working indoors on structured tasks that involve organising and |2 | | |being accurate. | | |Scientific |You like to discover ideas, observe, investigate and experiment. You are |4 | | |methodical and like to understand why things happen. | | |People contact |You like to work with people or are concerned about their welfare. |3 | |...
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