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Seminar 2 Treatment Plan Portfolio Document

For your Seminar 2 Treatment Plan Portfolio you will build on your work from last week by completing the following sections of your portfolio. Your instructor will then review and return your assignment with feedback comments to let you know where you are on track, how you have done, as well as make suggestions that may need to be incorporated in order to successfully move onto the next part of the Treatment Plan Portfolio project.

(a) Based on the specific problems you identified and received feedback from your instructor in your Seminar 1 assignment, finalize the primary target behavior(s) for treatment with your client.

Children possess astounding abilities to rebound from indignant circumstances. In Case Scenario: Mike, the young boy seems rational enough to comprehend possible treatment goals. While this is in due part because of a child’s ability to be conditioned more so than an adult who becomes headstrong with age. The client, Mike, would be less resistant when concerning change. Thus the target behavior (s) in relation to Mike’s possible fear of contamination would be: 1. Have Mike acknowledge what he is afraid of out loud before he begins any avoidant/unconventional behaviors. I.E (Mike states that he feels that if he does not clean he will get sick. Begin then to reassure Mike through verbal affirmation that unclean surfaces do not necessarily mean one will become ill.) 2. Show Mike through examples that “fouled” surfaces and disorganized items do not cause an individual harm. I.E (Physically demonstrate to Mike that by touching an unclean object, it will not make one unwell. Then ask Mike to do the same, ideally before any routines would take place.)- Discuss how the target behavior(s) meet the characteristics stated on pgs. 53-54. When one begins to rationalize eccentric patterns and/or thoughts it soon becomes concrete that certain behaviors are unconventional or unnecessary. In...
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