Migration of Database

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Migration of Databases – An XML Approach

XML Database Migration is a project of migrating the existing databases into XML format. Conversion of databases to XML file format, the databases like Ms-Access, Oracle and MS-SQL, MySQL connects in the network or the oracle in the personal computer can be connected for the generation of XML code. Let us consider, user runs a firm with three companies with different database’s respectively. User planned to mingle the entire database’s of the firm in to a single database. The user wants to migrate the entire database in to a single database. Migration of a database to another database is a huge process and a complex one. In such case our project can be used as we are converting the entire database into a XML file and then it is to a single database. By doing so, the conversion is been made easier and the native database also will remain unchanged. Only the authorized person is allowed to access the databases. The user is been prompted for username and password and then the user can be allowed to select the type of database. After selection, the user is been prompted for database name and then corresponding tables present in that database is been displayed from which the user can select the table which the user wants to convert. Before conversion, the user can view the table from that the user can check whether the correct table is been selected. The table is been converted and a message will be displayed to the user about the conversion. The converted file will be in the XML format and it is been previewed to the user in the database format after conversion. Here, the user can check whether all the fields in the table are converted. While converting the data’s in the tables, the tables present in the database remains unchanged and the fields from the tables retrieved are subjected for XML conversion.

The Existing system provides access for single database conversions. Databases are widely used at...
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