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Teamwork is a current organizational solution to the complexity of tasks and processes that is a constant in today’s health care institutions (Delgado Pina, Romero Martinez, & Gomez Martinez, 2008). Also Gonzales (n.d.), states, “Issues resulting from ineffective teamwork vary, from safety of worker’s or patients, to issues concerning productivity, efficiency, or the organizational climate (Clement, Dault, & Priest, 2007). At the same time in effective Microsystems there are 8 dimensions that are very important in achieving high performance in the healthcare arena and they include the following: Eight dimensions of high performing micro systems

Constancy of purpose
Investment in development
Alignment of role and training for efficiency and staff satisfaction Interdependence of the care team to meet patient needs
Integration of information and technology into workflows
Ongoing measurement of outcomes
Supportiveness of larger organization
Connection to the community to enhance care delivery and extend influence (Mohr, Batalden & Barach, 2004). I believe that the eight dimensions of high performance go hand in hand, however, interconnection of the dimensions allows me to make my selection and choice is Investment in improvement and Integration of information and technology into workflows. According to Sollecito & Johnson (2013), “Health professionals have long been proud of their personal commitment of lifelong learning and to their role as leaders in the design and delivery of health care” (p. 377). Educating and training of staff in today world of health care is the way to prevention of medical errors and the goal mine to continuous improvement. When hospital employs the best staff that has the knowledge and technology to integrate into the workflow of the hospital, we understand that the work environment is being developed and design in relation to work according to Sollecito & Johnson that means that the whole person --- head, hand, and heart ---...
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