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Microsoft Dynamics Customer Solution Case Study: Nonprofit Empowers Team, Markets More Effectively with Association Management Solution

Background of the Organization

National Middle School Association is a nonprofit organization. They have 25 employees that provide professional development, journals, books, research, and information to middle school teachers in the United States. NMSA generates about $6.5 million a year in revenue through membership fees, professional development opportunities, and publications.

Problems They Were Having

The National Middle School Association used Avectra Forum to manage memberships. However, in 2007, Avectra stopped supporting NMSA’s version of the software. CFO and Head of IT at NMSA, Ann Eichel, had to decide whether to purchase the updated version of Avectra Forum or to find a more effective solution.

Avectra Forum would not allow NMSA to make small changes to the system and made it difficult to customize data into useful reports. They would have to use outside programming to create the reports they needed. NMSA was unable to quickly respond to changing needs and significant changes in costs. When the economy spiraled downward, the NMSA was affected as their use of Avectra caused difficulties in usability and reporting, and customizations became increasingly more challenging.

Employees were changing roles within the company and they had to change their strategic decisions in order to increase their revenues. NMSA decided to seek out a new management solution that would offer the dues billing, e-commerce, events, advertising, and public management that they required.

Business Implications of the Problem

Limitations of software allow for businesses room to explore alternative software that may better suit their needs or preferences. When licensing to a software ends or support to a company’s current version of software runs out, it allows businesses the opportunity...
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