Topics: Management, Strategic management, Decision making Pages: 7 (2229 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Strategic Information Systems to keep Microsoft ahead in the gameDecisions are classified into structured (repetitive) and unstructured (not routine). Thisinformation will allow the organisation to develop the best strategy to achieving orfulfilling its mission. Most scholars in strategic management are familiar with thedistinction between "content" research which deals with the content of strategies and"process" research which examines the strategic decision process and the factors thataffect it. Content research has been quite useful in providing rules and guidelines on thetypes of strategies which lead to the best performance for different types oforganisations in different competitive conditions (Schwenk, 1995). Before a companycan achieve improvements in its organisation, the company has to first recognise itsweaknesses (intelligence phase), conceive alternative solutions (design phase), selectthe best suited among the alternatives (choice phase) and then execute the bestchoices (implementation phase). The question is then asked, what information isrequired to increase the competitiveness of Microsoft? Key Success Factors, factorswhich must go right if the company is to achieve it’ mission are indications of theposition Microsoft stands in relation to its competitors and where it needs to go. Inimplementing systems that will aim at improving its security Microsoft will then increaseits market share as people will be forced to buy. Secondly Microsoft will need to dointensive research on its competitors, researching the products that they have (andMicrosoft lacks) and improving on these systems. Making sure that its software’s 9. (Microsoft) are always ahead of its competitors; improving on its present systems suchas Internet Explorer, the Microsoft Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Library and RemoteProcedure Call (RPC). Also extending it’s cliental and the types of software’s availablewill definitely give Microsoft a competitive edge to its competitors such as theautomotive industry. Competitiveness and efficiency are more important now than at anytime in the history of the automotive industry. Microsoft Dynamics business software canhelp with powerful manufacturing, financial, and CRM solutions that support leanbusiness processes (Microsoft Dynamics solutions for automotive suppliers: Increasingglobal competitiveness, 2006). Also Microsoft will need to improve on its humanresources as this is a critical factor to the successiveness in any organisation. On atactical level, an enterprise competes for present market share. It does this by offering acontinuing succession of product features and by adjusting price. As the niche fills withcompetitors, the competition becomes a squabble and profitability is eroded. On astrategic level, an enterprise competes for the future by envisioning a new niche,inventing and fielding the product capability to service the niche first, and reaps thebenefits of this innovation and risk taking. However, “Given human nature, evolvingthreat models and the increasing interconnectedness of computers, the number ofsecurity exploits will never reach zero," Gates wrote in the recent letter (Clark, 2004),(see fig.2).Characteristics of Operational Tactical Planning Strategic PlanningInformation Planning and and Control and Control ControlSource Largely Internal ExternalScope Well defined Very wideLevel of aggregation Detailed AggregateTime horizon Historical FutureCurrency Highly current Quite oldRequired accuracy High lowFrequency of use Very Frequent infrequentFig 2: The required characteristics of information in different planning and controlactivitiesGory and Scott Morton, 1971Planning:For any organization to be successful in the business word and to reach the corporate 9 10. ladder business planning is one of the major factor and this allows organization tohandle any un avoidable circumstances which may comes in the way to success of anyorganization. Planning ahead of time gives the opportunity to...
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