Microsoft’s Partnership with Unhcr – Pro Bono Publico

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Microsoft’s Partnership with UNHCR – Pro Bono Publico?

Microsoft’s Partnership with UNHCR – Pro Bono Publico?

Let me first provide the landscape of this case study by highlighting that the evolution of the partnership between the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the software giant Microsoft Corporation facilitated a strategic and mutually beneficial partnership, as well as shaping the definition today of good corporate social responsibility. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was created back in 1999 as an endeavor at a point in time when Microsoft employees engaged to assist to aid the victims of the Kosovo crisis. The emotional undertaking is referred to as the spark created during a lunchtime viewing of a consuming crisis in Kosovo. By supporting the fundamentals in standing with the UNHCR, Microsoft embraced a strategic partnership and alliance that goes well beyond satisfying simple shareholder expectations; engaging a large employee base of donated skills and talent assets to assist those in need. If you look closely at the relationship with UNHCR it was not created to fulfill any financial prosperity but was a long-term concept and investment with promising outcomes. More specifically, the lunch break translated into Microsoft supporting a distant crisis and people in need with knowledge and expertise in their field of study, assisting through employee’s volunteer work, without any direct return on investment – a company creating a charter defining resources and corporate responsibility. Microsoft has tremendous resources and global standing in resources (tangible – technology and capital), as well as intangible (human capital knowledge and skills within management). Clearly, Microsoft realized that its valuable resources can result in future capabilities to reach global social aspects, therefore creating incredible value for all of its stakeholders (Deresky, 2011). To contribute to pro...

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