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A Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard

BUS 250 Corporate and Social Responsibility

January 6, 2014

The case of A Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard is based on ethics and social responsibility. I will be asking two questions. Who are the relevant market and nonmarket stakeholders in this situation? What possible solutions to this dispute do you think might emerge from dialogue between Suncal and its stakeholders? The relevant stakeholders market in this situation is Disney World and Suncal. The two groups wants the new complexes to be build. The non-market stakeholder in this situation is the employees because they don’t have any position in this situation. Disney World in this situation is all about making more, and care less about how uncomfortable their employees are. Disney World is against Suncal because they don’t want them to build affordable homes on the land for the employees. Disney want that land to be just for the tourist because that gives them more of a profit. Disney World has a lot of power in this case because they denied the construction of new affordable homes being built. In order for the stakeholders to reach an agreement and make both parties happy is to build the affordable housing complex outside of the Disney resort zone area. That way Disney will have the opportunity to build on the resort based area and generate more tax money. Suncal will build and make profit from the location and the affordable housing advocates will have market rate rentals.

Business and Social: stakeholders, ethics, public policy/ Anne T. Lawrence, James Weber
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