Michelin Tires

Topics: Michelin, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Tire Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: November 17, 2008

Michelin tires make the most fuel efficient lines of tires on the road, which save

money over the life of your tires. Michelin is striving to help you find a better way

forward.. Michelin is committed to improving the transportation of people and goods

around the world by making the roads safer and reducing our impact on the

environment. Michelin is the only company concerned about every aspect of the impact

their operations have on the environment. To date, nine plants are members of the EPA

National Performance Track program for environmental improvements beyond

requirements. Michelin is one of the first tire manufacturers to have taken this step.

Rather than focusing on one strong attribute, Michelin tires deliver just the right

combination of benefits.

Michelin marketing teams strive each day and in every category of tires to bring increased value to consumers. They offer fuel saving tips on there internet site. They also offer tire selector services that can help you select and properly fit tires for your vehicle from the comfort of your own home. Knowledge of the make and model of your vehicle is all you need to select tires for your vehicle over the internet. Michelin produces tires for virtually every category of the tire market. They also offer a tire buying guides. The tire buying guides lets you know when to buy tires, how to buy tires, and why you should buy tires from Michelins. If you sign up for Michelin email you can receive money saving promotions, expert tips and advice, maps and guides, and critical safety information. .

In conclusion, Michelin might not sale the cheapest tire but there tire are made to last. Michelin tires not only perform very well on and off the road they come with benefits that save you time and money. They offer quality tires that fit your specify needs. Their mission is to make a sustainable contribution to progress in the mobility of people and...
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