My Most Recent Purchase Decision

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My Most Recent Purchase Decision
Marketing plays a major role when it comes to making a decision to purchase. Most consumers do their research to find the best price on the item they wish to purchase. Customer satisfaction is very important to the consumer. They will search everywhere to find the right price and the best customer service. Companies who know how to market their products are the ones who will come out ahead of the competition.

When having to look into buying brand new tires, most consumers look for the tire that is specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Some size tires are harder to find than others because it may not be a commonly sold tire and is not one that is carried in stock by most tire dealers. Two months ago when I was in the market to purchase new tires, I experienced a similar situation.

I was first referred by my mother who was very satisfied after her recent purchase on tires. After researching a few competitors on the intranet, I decided to take my mothers advice and go to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is only a couple miles from my home which makes travel time minimal and they provide customers with convenient store hours. When I arrived to the store to pick out tires and set up an appointment to have them mounted, the clerk informs me that my tire size is not in stock. I started to feel a bit inconvenienced before the clerk then informed me that if I were to go online and order them they could have them in three days, much faster than if the store were to order them.

After visiting the web site for Wal-Mart, I found a deal that beat the one in-store; a better warranty, better quality, and the size I wanted. They would also ship the tires to the requested store location, no shipping charges or down payment on my credit card. Furthermore, they offered an extended warranty for free repair and replacement for the life of the tires at any store location. The price could not be beat! I felt very satisfied with my purchase and would...
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