Michael Pintard's Record of the Blackman's Struggles

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7.By using three references taken from atleast TWO poems, outline Pintard’s record of the black man’s struggles. Michael Pintard is an extremely educated man he holds an Associate of Arts degree which he obtained at The College of the Bahamas, he also has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree which he earned at Tuskegee University. Mr. Pintard has addressed conferences all over the globe in places such as New York and Vienna. He also is the writer of the book “Still Standing” which he has read in several countries and has been selected to be studied in the English Literature Syllabus for highschool students in the Bahamas. “All men are created equal, it is only men themselves who place themselves above equality.”- David Allan Coe Even before the time of Columbus slavery of ‘blacks’ has persisted throughout human history, almost to the twentieth century . The struggle of the black man’s during this time is portrayed in a number of poems such “Steel Boot Action – Whup!” and “Make Me A Sixties Movie” which were both written by Michael C Pintard. “Steel Boot Action – Whup” is a poem written by Michal Pintard in which he expresses his animosity towards groups of people who have gotten in the way of the progress of the black race. “I want to kick the daylights out of the suck-spirit eyes of the foliers, spoilers of our plans – who killed Rodney, Bishop, Malcolm, Martin and Patrice.” In the above quote the names listed were all activists for rights and freedom of the black man, and had the power to change the mindset of the black race. These person were then killed because how powerful they were in erecting change. Pintard is distraught because every time it seems like is hope for the black man their progress is always stopped due to those responsible for the death of black activists.(place personal response) Pintard also discusses how he wants to get rid of the mind set of biracial blacks who have lost pride in their African roots. “I want to kick the...
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