Michael Moore Film

Topics: Health economics, Health care, Medicine Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Michael Moore created a film about the American Health Care system, the film which stroke thousands of people all over the world. He showed us horrible reality. Nowadays the majority of Americans cannot afford the medical expenses, and there are nearly 50 million Americans without health insurance. And as a result these people are doomed to death. Nobody will help them, because you know that they don`t have The price of health is exorbitant. the Health system is the great business for country, business which brings in huge revenue to people who own this business. That started in 1971, a new social program was created. A real goal was to cure less and get more money. "As she runs for re-election to the Senate from New York this year and lays the groundwork for a possible presidential bid in 2008, Mrs. Clinton is receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from doctors, hospitals, drug manufacturers and insurers. Nationwide, she is the No. 2 recipient of donations from the industry, trailing only Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, a member of the Republican leadership." Raymond Hernandez and Robert Pear, "Once an Enemy, Health Industry Warms to Clinton," New York Times, July 12, 2006.I have chosen this quotation in order to show how high-ranking officials sell lives of the nation. Hilary Clinton offered idea how to improve the situation in the country, how to make medical services affordable for everyone. But she sold her idea. Nothing changed, and nobody supported her views. Nowadays it doesn`t matter who you are: a soldier, an unmarried mother, an old man, the main point is your possibility to pay. Money, money, money. That person survives, who has much money on a bank account. Michael Moore compared health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in America to free, universal care system in France, Canada, and The Great Britain. And the results are astounding. The same stories of different people ended in diverse ways. And the reason for...
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