MGT/498 Week Three Individual Environmental Scan Paper

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Environmental Scan Paper
Craig Clark
University Of Phoenix
March 9, 2013

Environmental Scan Paper
The environment of any organization consists of internal and external factors. An organization should conduct a scan of its environment in order for it to determine development, and a forecast on the factors that may influence the success of the organization. Scanning the environment refers to the possession and utilization of the information that an organization has about trends, patterns, occasion and the external and internal relationship that are within an organization. A scan of the environment may assist the management team of an organization in making a decision about the future path of the organization. A good scan aids in identifying the opportunities and threats that an organization has in the market (Bateman, 2012). The BidCo Company is a company that deals with the manufacturing of cooking oil. This company has employed approximately three hundred employees. It has several branches in the major cities in United States. An internal environmental scan shows that the employees in the organization interact freely. This includes the relationship between employees and the management team, between the employees themselves, between managers and other managers and the interaction of stakeholders and managers. All these groups interact freely in the organization which makes work simpler and more effective. The company also has a recruiting system that is effective which enables it employ competent workers. An external scan of the environment show that the company is performing well in the market (Alkhafaji, 2003). There are a number of threats that the company has. The company has competitors that threat to attract more customers. The company needs to do more advertising on its products so as to make more customers aware of its products. It also has opportunities such as attracting more customers through production of other types...

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