Mgt 445 Week 5 Individual Assignment: Article Analysis

Topics: Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Nuclear disarmament, Nuclear weapon Pages: 3 (662 words) Published: November 25, 2012
A negotiation is a civil process that takes place to resolve and develop a solution between all parties involved. Negotiations take place between all types of parties; organizational and global. They are structured to resolve the situation in an orderly manner with steps and strategies.

In 2003, a global situation occurred that required negotiation between countries. North Korea announced they were withdrawing from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT). Upon making this announcement, they also stated they do not intend on producing nuclear weapons. This information was revealed from the official North Korean News Agency, NKNA. When this was announced, it raised red flags around the world. Even though North Korea declared the withdrawal immediate, according to Article X, countries must give a three month notice before withdrawal.

North Korea made the decision to withdraw from the NPT is based on Bush’s 2003 State of the Union Address, when he declared North Korea to be part of the ‘axis of evil’ along with Iran and Iraq (Global Issues, 2006). Since the United States were preparing to invade Iraq, they felt they needed to create a credible deterrent in case they were next.

The non-proliferation treaty was developed to convince countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, and North Korea to be non-nuclear countries. The treaty was enforced in 1970 and provided the framework needed to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.

A decade before in 1993, North Korea threatened to withdraw from the NPT. There were several bilateral negotiations that took place resulting in North Korea retracting their statements just a few days before the withdrawal became effective.

Since North Korea was no longer an official member of the treaty, there were few obstacles stopping them from developing and selling nuclear weapons, technology, and materials to other countries. There are only a few countries that...

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