Mgt 311

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Employee Potfolio

MGT 311
February 4, 2013
Kathy Gamboa

Employee Potfolio

A Company has initiated a series of self-assessments to aid in the management of its employees. The assessments were randomly picked by the employees and the management team did not influence the choices made by each employee. Each assessment was reviewed by the management team and the following information will be used to improve the work output and job satisfaction for each employee.
Employee Assessments Upon reviewing the assessments taken by the employees it is the management’s conclusion that job satisfaction, fairness, supervisor competence, and company policy are important factors for each employee. The scores for the emotional intelligence, and the decision maker assessments were complementary of each other. The emotional intelligence assessment shows that these employees will be level headed, and cope with job pressure and demands. The emotional intelligence also complements the decision making process that these employees follow and any decisions made will be fully thought out and not done on a whim. Prior to making any type of decision the mitigating factors will be taken into consideration and the reasonable solution will be implemented. There is a sense of employee unity and if it benefits all, then the employees will feel that they have made a sound decision for the good of all.
Employee Performance These employees are well balanced, dependable, and loyal. The assessment shows that there has been an area of disagreement with the management/supervisor positions and they may attribute to the fact that the job satisfaction is low. Overall, the employees are an asset to the company and bring a surplus of attributes that can enhance the work environment for the company. These employees may be ready for a challenge and if the occasion arises, the employees should be given the opportunity to grow and prove their capabilities.
The management team

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