Mgt 302 – Organizational Behavior Video Case Analysis – the Lion King

Topics: The Lion King, Lion, Simba Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: December 17, 2012
The movie The Lion King shows the progression of a young cub, Simba, into a king. Along his journey, Simba runs into several influential leaders, both good and bad; but if these people did not have a presence in Simba's life than he would not have been able to save Pride Rock and become the Lion King. Simba's life can be divided into three distinct stages to explain both Simba's mentality and the leaders influencing him at the time. The three stages are: Simba as a young cub, Simba as an adolescent, and Simba as a grown lion and king. As a cub, Simba has two influential lions in his life Mufsa, his father, and Scar, his uncle. Mufsa is a great and very positive influence in Simba's life. Mufsa shows his severant leadership style in a conversation he has with Simba. Mufsa is trying to teach Simba about his future as king. By just teaching Simba, Mufsa is showing that he cares for the future of Pride Rock. Mufsa's lesson to Simba describes the "Circle of Life." Mufsa tells Simba that although lions hunt antelope, they also have to have respect for the animals, because eventually lions become food for antelope after death. This shows Mufsa's commitment to bettering the whole community and not just his own tribe of lions. But Simba also has much respect for his Uncle Scar. Unlike Mufsa Scar is a negative influence in Simba's life. Scar has very Machiavellian tendencies. He manipulates young Simba to go to an area not controlled by the lions, the hyenas home, which Scar hopes will kill Simba. Actions like this and several others are examples of Scar's extremely deviant behaviors. Scar goes as far as killing his brother, which leads to Simba's next stage of development.
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