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Compensation plan for S-S Technologies Inc.

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SS Technologies Inc., a 100% Canadian-owned Company was bought by Rick Brock-CEO and Keith Pritchard- President, in 1992. Previously, the same business was operated as a division of Sutherland-Schultz Limited and Rick Brock was its president. Organizational Dilemma:

The company was growing rapidly and in the past three years it had grown at an average of 33%. Thus, there was an important requirement of an effective and appropriate business model so that the employees be properly motivated and the growing structure of the company be effectively formed. For achieving this purpose the CEO hired consultants to dig into the current organizational dilemmas and come up with effective solutions Organizational Structure:

It was involved in development and marketing of hardware and software product and had grown an average of 64% percent. Two types of product made by PG are Direct Link Interface Cards: It enables office computers to communicate with PLCs and received Award for business Excellence in Innovation from Industry, Science and Technology Canada. Programmable Industrial Control Simulators (PICS):

It enabled a personal computer to simulate, in real time, an automated factory floor environment. Both of the above products, because of being highly innovative and revolutionary, were very successful and brought a huge market to the company. PG also had various new ideas under consideration for quenching the thirst of growing industrialization. INTEGRATED SYSTEMS GROUP (ISG):

It was involved in consulting, project management, system engineering and customer support, providing solutions for the complex factory floor systems in industrial manufacturers and institutional organizations. Due to its high quality performance and completion of projects in budget and on time, ISG was growing rapidly. In the last three years its profitability was increased by 30%. Organizational Concern:

Now let’s evaluate the strategic position of above organizational concerns.

Business Position:
Over the last three years, S-S Technologies had grown at an average of 33% per year where as Product group average was 64% and ISG grown by 30%. Values is ,000

Strengths of S-S Technology:
Low Cost Products: In early 90s North America was in great recession and there was an exigent requirement for cost cutting techniques. Every organization was in need of new software in order to lower the cost of human resource and thus the cost of production. Industries were also subcontracting the in house engineering due to this recession thus, providing a very huge market for the SS Technologies. Technical Expertise: The Company had many experts have different set of expertise and was delivering their responsibilities very effectively. PG and ISG members were up to date with current market needs and were ready to meet its growing need. They were also ahead in the learning curve which allowed them to be in the leading position in the competition. Flat Structure: SST’s flat structure enabled its employees to respond quickly to the situations. Besides, everyone owned their responsibilities and customers were given in time feed back on their queries. Diversification: SST employed engineers and technicians with different synergetic expertise, and were given undoable tasks, which resulted in the evolution of unique communication and simulation products. Innovation: As the economic and industrial situations were changing it was the dire requirement of SS Technologies to come up with new and innovative products for the fulfillment of market needs. Company not only provided most effective solutions for the current problem but was also ready to face the up coming challenges of the future. Low Overhead Resources: Over...
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