Mgmt 360- Principles of Management 1. The main cause of her frustration was the muddled relationship between the Information Technology and the bank’s other business unit, which often caused confusion, friction and inefficiency. Most of the time people would go to her with concern and when she tries to step into the breach and act as a facilitator, unit mangers usually did not welcome her efforts. Which I believe made her question her responsibility and authority as an executive vice president and chief information officer in the organization. 2. A. If I were Marshall Pinkard, as the CEO of the company. First, I believe it would be my duty to clarify her responsibility and authority in her unit. Second, I would analyze the issue between the IT department and the other bank’s business units. Then setup a meeting with all the executive vice presidents of the other unit of the bank and try to come up with a plan of communication between departments especially with the IT, which seems to me the main concern here.
B. The problem between the IT and other bank’s business unit can be addressed with minor adjustments. It is just a matter of clearly stating the request to the IT, by telling them specificity what they need from then and how they need it to be done. Moreover, if the IT department needs new development to help contribute to the business strategy, it could be done without drastic change in the organization structure, which is not needed.
C. In this case, the issue is at the internal environment level because there is not a clear communication between the other bank’s units and the IT department. This would influence my decision in a way that a win-win situation, both sides needs to be understood by the other and what they need in this case a is creating a trusting culture and relationship for the department to work together. The department need to increase their coordination level and must adapt tochanges.
The technological factor that would

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