Mexican Drug War Outline

Topics: Mexican Drug War, Drug cartel, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: July 30, 2013
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Speech Outline
Topic: Mexican Drug War
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the Mexican drug war. Central Idea: I am going to tell my audience about the beginning of the Mexican drug war, the effects of it, and United States involvement in it.

Most of you may already know about the drug cartel problem in Mexico. But maybe you didn’t know that it has been a war with Mexican military forces since 2006. Today I am going to talk about how the Mexican drug war started, the effects caused by it, and about the United States involvement in the War. (Transition: Before I tell you anything else I have to tell you how the drug war started.) Body

I. Beginning of the Mexican Drug War
A. The Mexican Drug War is the ongoing conflict of rival drug cartels for control over each other’s regions and against Mexico’s government forces.
B. The wars origins have been traced since the mid 1980’s. When a former Mexican judicial federal police agent by the name of Miguel Angel Gallardo founded the...
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