Metropol Base-Fort Security Group

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Critical Issues:

In order to succeed they have to figure out:

-How to: differentiate from other security companies
-How to: pick a niche within the security field
-How to: build the public's education level about the security field

Success will be when they:

-Emerge with a higher market share
-Have loyal satisfied customers
-Have an established long term plan


-Positioning options: high quality with a reasonable price
-Joint venture: a joint venture with a security systems manufacturer, to design new technology -Possible market expansion (e.g.: home market)


From an outsiders point of view Metropol can't seem to make up their minds as to what niche market they want to establish themselves in, within the security field. So step one is to pick a niche. Then they must evaluate how to effectively maximize the market potential that is offered. By doing this, expansion geographically will be easier as they will know exactly who to franchise to, buy out, or merge with. Another point to consider is a customer staying loyal to Metropol, as they will feel it is fulfilling all their needs. They will see that Metropol is dedicated to them in their industry, not tapping into everything at once (possibly weakening some services in other parts).

A customer can easily switch from one security company to another hassle free and at minimal cost. However if Metropol differentiated from its competitors through the products they offered, customers would be more inclined to stay. By a joint venture with a security systems manufacturer (who are able to design new systems) they can easily differentiate from the competition. Not all the competitors would be able to follow the same path, as it would not be a cheap decision in the first year. Customers will then choose Metropol, as they will feel that only Metropol can offer them these unique products.

The public are very unaware about the aspects of a security...
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