Methods of Successful Newborn Development

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Methods of Successful Newborn Development

Identification of the Research Problem
The problem that this study addresses is the development of infants physically, emotionally, and connectively with their mothers. Neu and Robinson (2010) have found that newborns need early care in order for emotional and physiological development. The research also resulted in reports of these early care methods, such as kangarooing and skin to skin contact with the mother and child to benefit the mother as well as the newborn. This is significant to nursing because premature care paves the way for the child’s growth and the mother’s ability to bond with the baby. These positive effects promote healthy lifestyles and nurturing relationships. Research Article

I believe this to be a research article because it contains steps of the research process. It displays nursing knowledge and data collection. Data collection includes gestational age, holding time, and what kind of holding is described. The problem and design of the study is identified. Possible outcomes and final results also help define this article as a research article. This article is a quantitative study which is backed by qualitative support. Neu and Robinson (2010) selected participants to partake in the study. These subjects were mothers placed in either the kangarooing group, the control group, or the blanket holding group. Statistical data show the results of the babies based on anxiety levels, liters of oxygen, length of stay in the hospital among other things. The qualitative support comes from the questionnaires the mother’s were asked to fill out which subjectively measured their anxiety, depression, and how calm they felt during the experiment (Neu and Robinson, 2010). This study is an experimental research study because it identifies a controlled manipulation, a control, and randomization is involved. The data collected from the experiment is based on the interventions done with the babies....

References: Neu, M., & Robinson, J. (2010). Maternal holding of preterm infants during the early weeks after
birth and dyad interaction at six months. JOGNN: Journal Of Obstetric, Gynecologic &
Neonatal Nursing, 39(4), 401-414. doi:10.1111/j.1552-6909.2010.01152.x
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