Meth and Death

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24 April 2013
Meth and Death
Tina, ice, or the poor mans cocaine, have been destroying the lives of millions and breaking apart families for decades now. Although it is nothing new, people still don’t understand the distinct difference between methamphetamines and crystal meth. Methamphetamines are a schedule II drug and are available to the public through a prescription that cannot be refilled, for the needs such as obesity, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. Crystal meth is a street manufactured drug that made illegally. (Helmstine, 3) Crystal meth is never made pure and is incredibly dangerous to anyone who uses it. Use of the drug needs to be completely abolished, the people need to be informed of these dangers. The chemical n-methy-l-phenyl-propan-2-amine is the chemical name for methamphetamine, methylamphetamine, or desoxyephedrine. Amphetamines were first made in Germany in 1887. It’s counterpart, methamphetamine was first developed in Japan in 1919, as scientists found out it was easier to make and had a higher potency. The drugs use really started during World War II as both sides used the drug to keep troops awake, and used by kamikaze pilots before their suicide missions. After the war the use of the drug reached epidemic levels as sale of meth reached the hands of the public. In the United States it was a prescribed drug during the 1950’s, and was used to fight obesity and depression. From college students trying to study for the big exam, to truck drivers trying to stay awake on their long trips, and athletes trying to enhance their performance, among others were susceptible to using the drug as a stimulant. Abuse then worsened in the 1960’s as increased availability of injectable methamphetamines occurred. It wasn’t until the 70’s where people began to realize how dangerous these drugs could be. The United States outlawed selling, using, and production of the drug then in the 70‘s. Biker gangs controlled most of the production and distribution of it. Most users at the time lived in rural communities and couldn’t afford cocaine. (Pbs,Drugfree) Crystal meth is a white odorless, bitter tasting crystal powder that dissolves easily in liquid, and is taken orally, by needle, intranasally (snorting), or by smoking. Usually meth is smoke in glass pipes, similar to crack. If you’re really trying to take it to an extreme crystal meth can be inserted in the anus or urethra. Popularly used as a stimulant, crystal meth is used because it can improve your energy, concentration, and alertness while decreasing appetite and fatigue. (Helmstine, 2) Although it can make you feel like a million dollars, it also impairs your judgment and using can be very dangerous as many diseases such as HIV/AIDS can spread through contaminated needles or syringes. (Chang, Ernst, Speck 361-369). Some enjoy the long lasting high that can last as long as 12 hours, depending how you use the drug. It is even said that females take meth because it can cause rapid weight loss, but however effects are short term. The weight lost is also regained after a user stops using. This is why doctors tend to not prescribe it anymore. (Helmstine, 2) Meth does nothing positive for you physically, and it isn’t too difficult to spot a possible user. Meth users have skin that looks like it has lost its luster, terrible acne, and just atrocious dental issues. Abuse of crystal meth causes destruction of blood vessels, inhibiting the body’s inability to repair itself. (PBS, 3) These users also look utterly lost at all times and show slower motor skills. Mentally crystal meth does nothing mentally for you either. Users are not limited to using violent behavior at times. Addicts also may seem confused, develop insomnia, anxiety, or have many mood disturbances. (Chang, Ernst, Speck, 361-369) Tweakers may exhibit hyperactive and obsessive behavior. Having one or two of these symptoms do not make automatically put you under addict suspicion, but...
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