meth v. detox

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Methadone VS Detoxification
There are some people who are addicted to heroin that may want to get help. Some tried to stop using to just like that but just within 6 hours, they would start get withdrawal symptoms which are very uncomfortable and that lasts for about a week. There are treatments for heroin addiction which includes the methadone and detoxification treatment.
“Methadone treatment has been used successfully for more than 45 years. It has helped millions of people regain control of their lives and regain their ties with family and friends. This treatment offer a lot of benefits. Methadone’s effects last up to 4-6 times longer than heroin’s effects so the addict would only have to take a dose once a day. If methadone is properly prescribed and maintained, its effects would not interfere with activities of daily life. You wouldn’t feel drowsy or even “high.” So therefore, you can continue going to school or work and not having to worry about missing out on anything. Methadone also takes away the opioid withdrawal and cravings. Craving for heroin is the main reason for relapse. So if methadone relieves those heroin cravings, then people would find it very easy to recover. According to a research team from the National Addiction Centre in Britain, supervision of the methadone treatment save lives since addicts won’t overdose themselves.
Also, methadone clinics provide counseling to the addict to treat the psychological aspects of addiction. While the addict is in treatment, they could learn more about the addiction and about the prevention techniques. After a while of taking methadone, the addict can reduce the dose given, little by little until they are drug free, which might take months or even years but they would still be able to carry on with their normal lives.
“Heroin detox treatment is a process during which you rid your body of opiates. The point is to clear the central nervous system’s opioid receptors so that your body can begin to repair

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