Metaphors We Live by

Topics: Perception, Concepts in metaphysics, Concept Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Metaphors We Live By
Association by way of symbolic relation can fundamentally assess metaphorical methods of speech. Lakoff and Johnson capture a captivating perspective on the subject matter in their volume of Metaphors We Live By. They touch on the comprehension of symbolic concept theories and their ability to expand outside the standard range of almost habitual means of literal response methods in both speech and philosophy. Figurative means of language do not merely create our thoughts and outlook through appealing depiction; moreover they essentially construct our perception and understanding in which the way live. This composition will further converse aspects in metaphorical practices of communication as well as provide an outlook on the expressions and patterns of metaphors presently exercised in our daily routines. In essence there are countless elements that can devise comprehensive metaphorical content. Lakoff and Johnson perceived figurative speech as a means partial concept due to, lack of complete embrace of the original conveyed meaning or message. This I found to be particularly interesting given that full articulation of the initial phrase had been altered. They further discuss what constitutes as a “total concept”, which in opposition comprise a different meaning entirely from the original phrase as a result it is communicated and perceived differently to its receiver. In reading the Lakoff and Johnson excerpt I realized just how much my life actually revolves around symbolic ways of speech. The use of conduit metaphors is a perfect illustration of my use through this form of communication. This was fairly interesting to examine given I do not particularly view myself as individual who speaks in metaphorical riddles. “Time in our culture is a valuable commodity”. Being a full time student is tough, throw in a nine to five on top of that and “time” abruptly becomes of the essence. I am always looking to better manage my time...
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