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  • Concepts in Metaphysics and Significant Professional Achievement

    Take a minute and think about your most outstanding‚ significant professional achievement. Invite the interviewee to share their story. Ask the interviewee‚ "What about you made this achievement possible?" (Be patient‚ honor the time it takes the interviewee to be comfortable with sharing their story‚ encourage confidence‚ even boldness about how they describe themselves and‚ above all‚ listen.) What do you value deeply? How are those values reflected in your work? Give the interviewee sufficient

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  • Define the Concept of Identity

    Define the concept of identity‚ using examples to illustrate your answer. Identity is a contested concept. This means that there is no agreed way to define it. There are many different socialogists that try to define the concept of identity. Woodward (2000) argues that for someone to have an identity‚ and element of choice is required. People choose to identify with something or someone‚ and therefor it is difficult to have an identity unless the person has exercised some choice in the matter. Bradley

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  • The Concepts of Realism and Antirealism

    The conceptualization of the behavioral phenomena is one of the most controversy subjects from realism and antirealism perspective. The individuality of humans’ perception and behavior would give the idealist antirealists‚ such as Berkeley‚ a golden chance to say that it is impossible to view it as mind-independent entity. However‚ as a realist‚ I argue that the behavior exists with or without our perception. To illustrate the independent existence of human behavior I am going to put forward their

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  • metaphysics

    Metaphysics: Aristotle and Plato’s Views Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that tries to answer a few questions by looking at the fundamental nature of the world. What is appearance? What is real? And ultimately what is the nature of reality? It helps us to try and see past the physical things and determine for ourselves whether something actually exists and the ultimate reason for why it exists. Although a single term‚ metaphysics covers a wide array of topics‚ including Plato’s idea of individual

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  • Metaphysics

    Aaron Feizet Metaphysics Paper 2 Why Mereological Universalism and Nihilism Are Not Mutually Exclusive In Function 1. Introduction In the following paper‚ I ’ll attempt to argue that the Mereological Universalism championed by James Van Cleve‚ and metaphysical nihilism‚ are more or less reconcilable. What’s more‚ I’ll argue that the functional understanding of the world occupied by universalists is more or less identical to that which is necessarily employed by all nihilists (or at least all

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  • Descartes' Epistemology

    fail in that attempt? Justify your answer in full. Descartes’ Epistemology This essay attempts to explain Descartes’ epistemology of his knowledge‚ his “Cogito‚ Ergo Sum” concept (found in the Meditations)‚ and why he used it [the cogito concept] as a foundation when building his structure of knowledge. After explaining the concept I give a brief evaluation of his success in introducing and using this cogito as a foundation. Finally‚ I provide reasons why I think Descartes succeeded in his epistemology

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  • Two-track Mind

    what the brain is doing on the conscious level? (10 points) Part 2 1. Think of the concept of leadership. a. What picture comes to your mind when you think‚ “leadership"? (3 points) b. What past experiences have you had that make you think of this? (3 points) c. How did your perceptual set and two-track mind contribute to these experiences? (4 points) 2. Think of the concept of unjust. a. What picture comes to your mind when you think‚ "unjust"? (3 points)

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  • The Construct of Self-Esteem

    individual perceives external objects and experiences‚ and attaches meanings to them.... [The] self-concept represents an organized and consistent pattern of perceptions. Although the self changes‚ it always retains this patterned‚ integrated‚ organized quality...[and] the ideal self is the self-concept that an individual would most like to possess” (Pervin 2005 p. 173). He also presented the concept of the need for positive regard. “The need for positive regard includes seeking warmth‚ liking‚ respect

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  • The Mystery of the Filipinos’ Representations for the Self

    change correspondingly to changes in society and individuals’ reaction to these changes (Sta. Maria‚ 1999)‚ Filipinos’ representations of the self circles on the concept of inter-human. It is the dynamic entity between personal and social. It is the life between I and thou. It is the connection between the “loob” and “labas‚” thus the concept of “kalooban‚” or my innermost self or being and “labas na ng pagkatao‚” or outside of my being or beyond myself. It is what is personal for the Filipinos. Social

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  • Reading Reflection

    are very similar‚ they are related to cultural knowledge. But in today’s society‚ literacy not only means culture. The concept of information literacy is people can effectively use and recognize the information. Besides‚ people can redefining and evaluate themselves in today’s information society. By reading Nunberg’s Teaching Students to Swim in the Online Sea‚ I think the concept of literacy is the discerning ability of people. Nowadays‚ much knowledge is deriving from Internet. These are second

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