Metamorphosis Essay

Topics: The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka, Vladimir Nabokov Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: February 24, 2013

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Essay

Even before Gregor, the main character of The Metamorphosis transforms into a hideous bug, he was already alienated from his family. His alienation from the family was a long process. As a traveling salesman he had to take care of the whole family with profound weight on his shoulders. Gregor's deadening job and his personal alienation was the cause of his transformation.

One day, when Gregor woke up he found himself turned into a man-sized insect. Everything is surreal. He realizes he cannot go to work with his grotesque features. Gregor's manager shows up and wants to find out what had happened to him. After being begged by the family and manager, he exits his room, scaring the manager away. The family is disgusted by him, which makes him even more sad. They are judging him by his looks. They think he is not Gregor anymore. They would never think they contributed to his metamorphosis, but they really did. Gregor's bedroom is also something that contributed to his transformation, because it was dirty and he was always depressed in it. With a picture of a girl in fur, this shows his lack of a long-lasting relationship.

In the first chapter Gregor's sister, Grete, was the only one who cared about him, and took care of him, however as time goes by, her interest towards Gregor is fading away. Because of the lack of care, Gregor starts behaving more like an insect and starts getting used to his new body. "Gregor had become much calmer",(Kafka,13). As the family becomes more obnoxious, his humanity is fading away more and more every day. His Mother and Grete takes out the furniture from his room so he has space to crawl. It shows how they don't appreciate him anymore. They don't care that he is an insect and they don't really want to help him change back into a human. He may be a bug at first looks, but is a human inside.

"The wound on Gregor's back began to hurt anew when mother and sister...sat cheek to...
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