Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka Character Analysis

Topics: The Metamorphosis, Emotion, Franz Kafka Pages: 3 (707 words) Published: December 18, 2015

Ever thought about getting turned into a bug? Well, in the novella The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka the main character, Gregor gets turned into a bug. The hard working family man wakes up to find himself as a grotesque vermin. His whole life changes when his family discovers him in his nauseating state. They keep him locked up in his room and can hardly stand to look at him. Not only Gregor is inflicted by this awful, sudden change. His family, without the life-support and money from Gregor’s job they can not pay rent. A sudden change like this can happen to anyone, it unexpectedly changes not only the person going through the change but also their loved ones. Most of these changes are often not for the better.

Gregor was the most shocked...

He is often worried how his family would take him in his hideous state, he often wondered, would they accept him? “They were cleaning out his room, taking away from him everything he cherished; they had already dragged out the chest of drawers in which the fret saw and other tools were kept, and they were now loosening the writing desk which was fixed tight to the floor, the desk on which he, as a business student, a school student, indeed even as an elementary school student, had written out his assignments… He squatted on his picture and did not hand it over.” (Kafka 57, 58) As a result, even though he knows he would feel more physically comfortable if his room were emptied of furniture, allowing him to crawl anywhere he pleased, Gregor panics when Grete and his mother are taking out the furniture, such as the writing desk he remembers doing all his assignments at as a boy. In a desperate attempt to hold onto the few reminders he has of his humanity, he clings to the picture of the woman muffled in fur so that no one will take it away.

It’s obvious that sudden change can not only effect the person going through sudden change, but also the ones around that person. Sudden change can affect the way a person can physically be prepared to do something. Sudden change can affect that person mentally and can affect the...
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