Mercedes Benz Cbbe Model

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Defining Mercedes-Benzes’ brand strength

MB’s brand is evaluated along the line of the CBBE pyramid. Which consists out of two sides the “left” and the “right” side, that stand for the rationale and the emotional route respectively of the brand equity creation. What makes a strong brand, is that both routes are incorporated into the brand building process. How this relates to MB is defined below.

Keller, (2013) The resonance model

1. Salience, is defined by the depth and the breadth of the brand. The depth of the brand, or the ease to which people remember MB is incredibly high, it is worldwide in the top 5, car manufactures together with Toyota and BMW. This is relatable to their consistent advertising and visual representation on the street (distinctive product design). The breadth of the brand, is related to purchase and usage situations, which is also very large for the brand. A reason as to the cause of this wide product recognition is due to the diverse brand managing marketing instruments. MB doesn’t just promote around the functionality area of its product, but also looks towards different events to promote their brand. For example MB is related to football clubs and other sports, but also to music events, therefor making MB a common household name.

2. Performance
In the area of performance, MB has created one of its largest advantages trough brilliantly connecting consumer demands with functional performance of its product. High primary characteristics (engines that never stop) combined with top class secondary features (smooth ride) gives MB customers a premium product. Next to the fine product, service, efficiency, empathy, style and design are things that take MB from a top car manufacturer to a top of the world manufacturer.

3. Imagery
It’s the combination of user-, purchase- and usage-imagery with the history, heritage and the personal experiences that give MB its reputation. They market...
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