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1. Colonial expansion into the Pacific Ocean was the logical extension of Manifest Destiny. • The United States Acquisition of Guam, and the Philippines • The United States Secretary of State, John Hay, issued the Open Door Note with China • The United States annexed Hawaii

• They acquired the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and other Pacific islands.

2.  Two of the primary goals of foreign policy at the turn of the century were to locate new markets for our surplus products and to gain access to raw materials and labor. • Americans feared that they would soon produce more than they could ever consume and would need new trading markets such as dependent nations • New natural materials that the nation did not have such as rubber and petroleum would need to be acquired through trade • The Panama Canal was funded and built by the United States to increase the rate of trade • America went into the Spanish-American war to protect and guarantee their success in trade with islands controlled by Spain • America created the “Open Door” policy to create a level trading plain with all other nations and China, which had an abundance of natural resources

3. Although many American people supported United States imperialist ideology, a vocal and substantial minority of Americans belonging to every socioeconomic group opposed such policies. • President Cleveland

• William Jennings Bryan and the Democrats
• The Gentleman’s Agreement
• Japanese Laborers in California
• Anti-Imperialist leagues

4. Racist beliefs fueled many of the imperialist policies applied to Cuba and the Philippines. In the face of new foreign policies that enabled Americans to become an overseas colonial and commercial power in the Caribbean, in Latin America, in the Pacific Islands, and in Asia, not all Americans agreed with imperialism, and many were quite vocal in their opposition. • The White Man’s Burden

• Radical Republicans throughout the states
• White Supremacy, or the fear of mixing races
• Emiliano Aguinaldo
• “Yellow Peril”

5. The promoters of imperialism believed that America was an exemplary model of economic, political, and spiritual development that should be extended to other peoples and nations that were not able to solve their own problems. • The Panama Canal

• Philippine Commission
• Hay-Banau-Varilla and Hay-Pauncefote Treaties
• “Benevolent Assimilation”
• “Preventive Intervention”

6. At the end of the Spanish American War, the United States had become a global colonial power. • The Spanish-American War led to the US acquiring Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam • They occupied the Dominican for 8 years

• They annexed Hawaii
• Held Nicaragua under their control for 20 years
• Had Haiti under their power for 19 years

7. The domestic and international costs of American imperialism at the turn of the Century were high. • By the twentieth century, America was one of the most powerful economic/imperialistic leaders in the world • The US started imperialism right after the Civil War • Economic and Political motives pushed America towards imperialism • The Panama Canal was built for military and economic reasons, and the United States benefitted from it

8. The long-range repercussions of imperialist policies of this era are still being felt. • The United States has one of the strongest armies/navies in the world • The Panama Canal is still in use

• Hawaii is now an official state

Around the turn of the nineteenth century, America was quickly expanding its borders, mostly into Latin America.  Roosevelt was carrying out his personal goal of building the Panama Canal.  He established the Roosevelt Corollary to keep other powerful nations out of the colonies that America had their eyes on.  Latin Americans opposed the takeover by the United States because their social lives, homeland, and government were all being affected. 

After the war between the United States and Spain, the US started acting like big shots. They started intervening on foreign affairs.  For example, the Open Door Policy with China.  Roosevelt supported these actions by using his Big Stick Policy and this went against Americas “isolation” policy. Even though these actions were not how the United States originally felt, it would soon start to benefit many nations.

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